Is your dog dehydrated?

Some dog breeds prefer hot climates. If your dog enjoys the sun, make sure you provide them plenty of water and keep them under the shade.

There are some dehydration symptoms that you might notice on you pet during the summer period. Some dehydration signs are the following: raised temperature, rapid breathing, dry mouth, excess salivation, sunken eyes fatigue or depression and muscle weakness. If you notice any of these symptoms, wrap your dog in cold wet towels and take them to the vet.

To encourage your dog to drink more water keep the bowl clean and try to add a splash of carrot juice, chicken broth or pieces of their favourite fruit.

The most heat sensitive dog breeds are bulldogs, pugs and Boston terriers. The best hot weather dog breeds are dogs with thin, short coats such as beagles, Chihuahuas and Dalmatians. Keep this in mind if you are going to adopt a new pet.