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4+1 Things to know before you shop for dog food

Choosing the right food can make all the difference to the health and happiness of your dog, but it can be a daunting task trying to work out what’s actually best for your pet.

In order to tell which food is best for your dog’s specific needs, you might want to look at these significant factors to consider.

LOOK for the words “Complete & Balanced” on your dog’s food. This means the food has been formulated to ensure that it contains all essential nutrients your dog needs in sufficient amounts.

READ the label carefully and pay attention to the recommended daily feeding guiding table.

ASK yourself three important questions.

A) What is my dog’s age?

i.e             Puppy                                  Adult

B) What is the daily activity level?

i.e for hunting and maintenance – hard working dogs

C) What are the size, breed, sensitivity and its reproductive stage (female)?

i.e small breed / husks or akita / grain free

FIND out if the manufacturing company follows quality control practices.

Important to know… that our Champion team is here for you, always happy to assist you! Contact us now to help you with our 25+ years of experience in the animal feed & nutrition.

Dive in these 6 beaches with your loyal friend

cyprus mab with 6 spots of dog beaches

If you’re planning on taking your dog for a refreshing swim or bringing it along with you on holiday to Cyprus, here is a list of the beaches you can DIVE IN WITH YOUR LOYAL FRIEND and have fun!

Here are all the dog-friendly beaches listed by the Cyprus Tourism Office in accordance with the seashore protection regulations (click on the beach name to check the spot on the map):

  1. Seratzia beach, within the council limits of Kato Pyrgos, in Nicosia district.
  2. Kasianes (Spyros Beach), south of Larnaca airport, within the municipal limits of Larnaca, in Larnaca district.
  3. Acheilia Beach, located where the river Ezousa meets the sea, within the council limits of Achelia, in Paphos district.
  4. Karavopetra beach, south east of the sewerage treatment unit, within the council of limits of Monagroulli in the Limassol district.
  5. Prolimnos beach, west of Pissouri, within the council limits of Pissouri, in Limassol district.
  6. Kaparis beach, within the limits of Paralimni Municipality. Officially named as Cyprus’ first dog-friendly beach back in 2016, within the council limits of Paralimni, in Famagusta district.

🐾 Take a dive and have a splashing 💦 time but also have in mind!!!

Take care of your dog, obey to all hygiene and safety rules and regulations, keep clean and respect the environment.

💦 🐾

Good dental health can add 2-4 years to your dog’s life

dog with cute ears

Teeth cleaning is very important for maintaining animal health. Brush your pet’s teeth at home. This is the best way to prevent gum disease. There are special toothbrushes, toothpastes, cleaning fluids and many other products for the care of teeth and oral cavity for animals. Toothbrushes for animals are very soft and are designed to fit the shape of the teeth and mouth of animals. You can also find them in the shape of a glove for greater ease of use. Toothpastes for animals have a pleasant taste for them and are not needed rinse.

Never use human toothbrushes or baking soda. They contain ingredients that the animal should not swallow.

If you can’t do it with brushing, you can use an antibacterial solution or gel.

The food you choose for your four-legged friend may be responsible for the development of plaque and tartar, it is better to give dry food to force them to chew their food well. Only if they are babies and we want to start them with food if they do not eat it then you can add some gravy to the dry food to make it tastier.

Soft or sticky foods help in the development of plaque and periodontal disease. Dry food (cookies, croquettes in large cubes) creates fewer dental problems.

Very useful are specially made dental chews (dental chews or dental sticks) for cats and dogs. They like it very much and it is often a good substitute for the days when you don’t brush their teeth. However, only brushing your teeth can remove plaque and food debris below the gum line.

Instructions for brushing teeth at home

The process should be done gradually, step by step, with a lot of patience.

In the beginning, you just keep your pet relaxed. Gently caress his face with your fingers for 1-2 minutes. For the next few days, place a small amount of toothpaste on your finger and let it taste. Choose an animal toothbrush or finger brush, place a small amount of toothpaste on the brush, lift your pet’s upper lip and place the brush on an upper tooth.

With a slow circular motion, gently brush only that tooth and the continuous gum line. Every day you gradually brush more teeth. Go slowly and for as long as your pet’s endurance lasts. After each time reward him with a suitable delicacy and many praises.